RCMP in southern Saskatchewan are continuing an air search today for several people reported missing in the area over the past few year.

Officers are using a helicopter from K Division in Edmonton in the search for Cody Wolfe.

The 17-year-old went missing from the Muskowekwan First Nation one year ago.

Cpl. Rob King notes there have been several extensive ground searches for Wolfe, but an aerial search might turn up something that hasn’t been spotted before. 

The helicopter will also fly around Regina with Regina police officers to search for any evidence in the disappearance of Brandy Wesequate.

She went missing in Regina on New Year’s Day.

RCMP say other missing persons they’re searching for include Emily Osmond from Punnichy, missing since 2007, and Willard Brass who was last seen in the Kamsack area in 1993.

King says the search for missing people never really ends.

He says the helicopter is being used now, before the trees and spring growth in the areas get too thick for any type of aerial search to be useful.

King says this is not uncommon, adding a similar search was done in northern Saskatchewan last spring.