Representatives of more than a hundred companies, First nations leaders and government officials will gather in Saskatoon next week to talk about jobs.

It is part of a national conference organized by the Aboriginal human resource council.

Council President, Kelly Lendsay, says Canada is facing a skilled labour shortage that will last fifty years.

He says things could get so bad that some big projects may have to shelved, not just delayed.

Lendsay adds the solution to the labour shortage lies with both immigrants and the Aboriginal community.

He says corporate Canada has to be awakened to the huge potential that lies in our own backyard.

Lendsay says it is imperative that the Aboriginal community be job ready.

“So we need to change the expectations among the Aboriginal people,” he says. “I keep saying it is not about focusing on Grade 12 completion rates, that’s a given. You must complete Grade 12 and you must focus on post-secondary training because those are the jobs of the future. That is what employers demand and that is what employers need.”

Assembly of First Nations Chief Sean Atleo and CBC News Anchor Peter Mansbridge are among the speakers at the conference which is called “Inclusion Works 13.”

The conference runs from April 29 to May 1.