Maria Campbell has been researching and writing about Indigenous issues for most of her life – now she wants a little help from Saskatchewan educators.

The Metis author was honored yesterday at the Awasis Aboriginal Education Conference for her contributions to Indigenous education.

In her presentation, she urged educators to use the resources that they already have in their own communities – including elder Indigenous women – to help incorporate Aboriginal education into the classroom.

“The most valued resource we have in our communities are the old women, and the knowledge that they carry and the way they taught and passed on that knowledge years ago.”

Campbell wrote the groundbreaking book Half Breed in 1973.

She is currently studying the roots of violence against Aboriginal Women.

This involves combing through the archives of the Smithsonian Institute and original documents of missionaries in the 1500’s.

She says is looking to see what they wrote about Aboriginal Families.

As part of her presentation, she reminded educators that all the tools to incorporate Indigenous education in the classroom, things like land, plants, animals and people are right at their fingertips.