The following are basic contest rules applying to any and all contests and promotional prizes awarded by Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation/MBC Radio Network.

Please note that some contests may have their own special qualifications and eligibility rules, due to possible age restrictions associated with overnight hotel stays and/or alcoholic beverages being served on premises.

I. All MBC Radio Network contests are open to all listeners, unless a specific age is required and specified by an advertiser, agency or by MBC Radio Network. Full and part-time employees, and their immediate family members (Parents, Grandparents, Children or those residing in the employees household), of MBC Radio Network, its representatives, its agencies or employees who have been employed by Missinipi Broadcasting Corporations during the (60) day period immediately preceding the effective date of the contest are ineligible to enter or participate in any and all MBC Radio Network contests and on-air promotions.

II. Winners and members of their household are not eligible to participate in any MBC Radio Network contest or promotion for a period of thirty (30) days after winning a contest and/or prize conducted by MBC Network Radio.  MBC reserves the right to compile and keep a list of all contest winners and participant names, addresses and telephone numbers for a period of 365 days for internal verification and reporting purposes.  However, in accordance with privacy regulations, this information collected will only be provided to MBC employees, advertisers involved in a specific promotion or authorized agent of MBC and will not be released publicly without the consent of the contest/promotion participant.

III. MBC reserves the right to limit the number of contest entrants in any contest/promotion due to on-air programming time constraints.  Further, MBC reserves the right to restrict eligibility to the point immediately following the conclusion of the announcer providing the on-air listener cue to call-in-and-win.

IV. All prizes must be picked up within twenty (20) business days from the date won.  Winners may be required to present their valid government issued photo identification to claim prizes, unless otherwise arranged with MBC Radio Network’s Promotions Department.  It is the responsibility of the winner, unless otherwise specified by MBC Radio Network, to claim their prize within the time limit.  Prizes specified to be picked-up must be claimed in person and signed for by the winner.   Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation is not responsible for items sent via Canada Post that do not arrive in time for specific “dated” events (such as concert or performance tickets).  MBC Radio Network reserves a twenty (20) business day grace period to deliver non time sensitive prizing to contest winners.  Designated winner’s representatives will be allowed to claim prizes only if MBC Radio Network Promotions Department is notified in advance that such a representative will be picking up their prize and that they have been given the authorization to sign a prize release document on behalf of the winner and/or approved by a representative of MBC Radio Network.

V. If a winner is under 18 years of age, MBC Radio Network may require that their parent or legal guardian sign and accompany said winner when claiming a prize.

VI. Prizes must be accepted as awarded and there will be no cash value or substitute offered.  All prizes not claimed within the twenty (20) business day period will become the property of MBC Radio Network and may be awarded to another listener, either in the same contest, or at a later date and as part of a separate promotion or contest.  Every attempt will be made to award all major contest prizes, whether claimed by the original winner or not.

VII. In the event of dispute over telephone line discrepancies during contests and promotions, the decision of MBC Radio Network will be final.