Herb Cox. Photo courtesy of legassembly.sk.ca

Recent concerns about rural crime, dangerous street drugs, gangs and shootings has prompted the premier to appoint a seven-member Government MLA Committee. The committee will do some research and report back to cabinet and the justice department on what can be done to cut the crime rates.

The caucus committee on crime reduction will be chaired by Battlefords MLA Herb Cox. He says the Indigenous community will be part of the discussion.

“Certainly, we’re gonna be asking for submissions and meeting with — you know the communities around the province, be it rural, urban or First Nations or the north,” said Cox. “We’re going to be asking for submissions from every group that may have some solutions to some of these problems.”

Saskatoon MLA Jennifer Campeau will serve as vice chair.

The committee will consult with municipalities, police agencies and other organizations to determine what the major issues are, and what can be done to address them.

Cox hopes to have a report ready be February.