An executive member of the recently-elected Metis Nation – Saskatchewan executive has resigned.

A media release from the MN-S says they voted to accept the resignation of treasurer Mary Ann Morin at a meeting this past weekend.

Morin’s exit comes only 5 months after an MN-S election that saw a new president and several new faces join the Provincial Metis Council.

Morin had no problem winning her position in the May election after receiving more than 1,000 votes more than her opponent.

In a Facebook post earlier on Monday Morin released a press release that stated the following:

“I did not hand in a letter of resignation for the position of Metis Nation-Saskatchewan Treasurer, but a motion has been passed accepting my resignation.”

The Metis Constitution states that any executive member who resigns can be replaced by another member of the PMC at an upcoming Metis Nation Legislative Assembly.

That person will then remain in the position until a by-election is called or until the next general election in 2020.