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A woman who the MN-S says handed in her resignation as the organization’s treasurer over the weekend has released a statement contradicting that version of events.

Mary Ann Morin says she did not hand in a letter of resignation for the position of Metis Nation – Saskatchewan Treasurer, but a motion has been passed accepting her resignation.

In the release, she says she is working her way through the legal system — so she says she “won’t say too much”, but adds she has also been talking to elders and seeking counsel.

Morin says she knows it will have to be confirmed through the court system that she has not submitted a letter of resignation.

But until then, she says she still considers herself the Treasurer of the Metis Nation – Saskatchewan.

She is also encouraging Metis citizens to ask questions and send in letters.

But Morin is also asking people to keep their comments clean and professional, saying Metis are building a foundation of accountability and respect.

In a release issued on Monday, the Provincial Metis Council said it “acknowledges the resignation of the Treasurer, Mary Ann Morin.”

Also in the release, MN-S President Glen McCallum thanked Morin for her contributions and wished her well in her future endeavours.

The MN-S Constitution states that any executive member who resigns can be replaced by another member of the PMC at an upcoming Metis Nation Legislative Assembly.

It says that person will then remain in the position until a by-election is called or until the next general election in 2020.

Morin was first elected to the MN-S executive four months ago.