An Indigenous musician from Prince Albert says he wants to use music to help break the stigma surrounding mental health.

Patrick Moon Bird has been playing music for over 16 years and also suffers from bipolar disorder.

“One of the hardest things I would say is that you don’t see that much in today’s world talking about depression and talking about mental illnesses,” Bird said. “You mostly see the stigma-based ideas with those moments.”

Bird released a new song on Saturday called Somethings Gotta Give, which is about his own personal struggles with depression.

“Maybe when listening to the song other people can see that their feelings aren’t invalid,” Bird added. “Music is everywhere. It can be such a great outlet to help you get through some of those tough moments.”



Bird is currently working on a follow-up single to Somethings Gotta Give about how to get help with mental illness.

The song is called I’ve Been Gone but doesn’t have a release date yet.

“It’s still in the works,” Bird said. “I’ve got to record more guitar parts and put the drums together. That one’s going to be relating to what happened after I sought help. Music has the ability to uplift you and raise your spirits and I just absolutely love that.”

Bird grew up in a musical family and also plays in a band called The Dead Talk with his sister Demetria Bird.

(PHOTO: Patrick Moon Bird. Photo courtesy of Patrick Moon Bird Facebook page.)