11 am to 12 pm Weekdays (Split Network)

The “Achimowin” program is the first level of information services to the Cree listeners of northern & central Saskatchewan. It covers national, regional, and local news; in-depth discussions; phone-in-shows; remote broadcasts; sports; weather; and special programs on the environment, holistic healing, education, etc.

The “Achimowin” program reflects what the community is thinking, saying and feeling. It covers issues that are totally relevant to northern people. This is all done in the context of serving the Cree speaking people of northern Saskatchewan. The Achimowin Show has been a major part of MBC broadcasts since 1984.

It should be noted that the Achimowin Show compliments Cree language retention endeavors that are undertaken by educational institutions/bands/agencies. It goes as far as laying new ground in terms of “inventing” new & contemporary terminology!

9:20 a.m. Weekdays on MBC

Listen for the morning’s top Aboriginal and regional news headlines broadcast in the Cree language anchored by Abel Charles or Charly Durocher.

Abel Charles at
Charly Durocher at



11a to 12 p.m. weekdays broadcasting live to Saskatchewan Dene Communities (Far North)

The Dene Honi program focuses on happenings in and around the Dene communities of northern Saskatchewan. We provide timely information and tell stories in the Dene language covering topics as diverse as current affairs, political issues, past stories, the history of politics, and Dene peoples’ traditions & customs. The Honi program, which has been a part of the airwaves at MBC since 1985, features international, national and local news, weather (long term and current), the people of the North that we interview, native, non-native country music, call-in Shows, elders’ views and opinions, etc.

The importance of this Dene Honi program is to keep our traditions and culture alive for the future generations and to keep our listeners up to date of what is happening around them in their very own language.

10:30 a.m. & 3:30 p.m. Weekdays

Listen for the morning’s top Aboriginal and regional news headlines broadcast in the Dene language anchored by Terrie Bekattla.

Contact: Terrie Bekattla at